Resolution Audio Visual: An Integrated Workplace Harnessing The Latest Unified Communications That Drive Business Results

Resolution Audio Visual’s new premises in Albany boasts an array of technologies which communicate on a single unified control platform. This integration provides function manageability and the benefits of smart energy management, creating a smarter workplace.

Crestron’s control platform lies at the heart of the system by providing simple control of all building services via sleek, custom-programmed touch panels.

Each work space has its own keypad or touchscreen providing control of lighting, motorised blinds,  security, audio, projection or flat panel display systems.

AV is distributed over network infrastructure using Crestron’s DigitalMedia and NVX platform. Any source can be easily routed to any display.

The systems work together harmoniously, creating a workplace that is functional and enjoyable for staff and allows for greater productivity.

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Lighting Control for Energy Efficiency

Daylight harvesting is used in various office areas. This measures available natural light and dims work lighting accordingly. Sensors ensure that lighting is only on in areas which are occupied.

These sensors also set the room back to its last known state of use; for example after leaving the room the office lights and music will turn off, but when you return the lights and music will fade up to the last used level.


Advanced Climate Control

The architectural design allows for natural use of airflow controlled by motorised windows down the entire length of the roofline. When the ambient temperature reaches a set point, the motorised windows open to allow fresh air to flow. Windows then close when the desired temperature has been reached. This raised feature window section also introduces natural light into all workspaces reducing the amount of artificial light required.


Simple Access Security

All access security is integrated to allow staff access via iPhones or Android devices. This includes the ability to set and unset the security system and open either the car park roller door or front door. Temporary access can be permitted to guests seamlessly using Crestron’s Fusion scheduling and monitoring software simply by creating an invite in Outlook.


Room Booking Panels Made Easy

Room scheduling is made available utilising Crestron’s scheduling and monitoring software platform Fusion. A room booking can easily be made from Outlook. This booking is then displayed on the touchscreen outside of the room.

Room bookings can also be made on the fly directly from the touchscreen. Green lights down the side of the touch panel clearly display that a room is available. This can be seen from a hallway making it simple to find an available room. When the room is in use the lights show red.

As part of the room booking function a “room set” can be programmed to take place prior to the room booking. For example, for a 9am meeting a “room set” could be programmed for 8:55am which would automatically close the blinds, turn the projector on and set it for a video conference session.



The integration system allows staff to collaborate easily with other staff in different areas of the workplace.



Wireless connectivity for presentations is available using iPhone/iPad, Android devices and laptops. These presentations can be sent to all displays throughout the office seamlessly. Crestron’s Airmedia and Mersives Solstice solution are both being used.  airmedia_compressed.jpg


Touch interactive projection is available with the additional feature of recording in real time both what you are working on and what is being discussed. This allows for playback of huddle meetings or brainstorm sessions. It also allows your work to be streamed real-time to a remote site or office. The record feature is made available using Crestron’s Capture HD recording system.  capture-hd_wCamTS_compressed.jpg

Digital Signage

Samsung’s Magicinfo signage platform and Appspace is being used to display content in reception along with company bulletins that can be updated using Google Docs. Resolution AV is also able to host content, taking away the need for you to invest in the network infrastructure and hardware.



Integrate Your Workplace with Resolution AV

To find out more about our integration systems and how they could help transform your workplace, please contact us today.